5 easy ways to Improve Search Engine Ranking

SEO Is Very Important For Develop A Blog/Website.But Some Times Your Blog Posts Are Not Doing Well on Search Results.These Below 5 Tips Are Help You To Improve Your Search Results On google, Yahoo,Bing other search engines.


#Make sure your site have custom titles and description : 

Search Engines only recognize text, and nothing more (not even images). Make sure that every page you write about has a custom META tag for both title and description. If all the pages have the same META keyword and description, you are not helping search engine to figure out the relevance between your main page and your subpage.

#Research your keywords : 
Decide what search queries you want to show up for. Do some research on how many people are actually searching for your site.There are several tools available from Google as ‘Keyword tool‘ and from other third party software developers.

#Keep the structure, navigation and URL structure of your site simple enough for search engines to follow :
Remeber Search engines can’t recognize your navigation if its using flash or javascript, so try to keep it standard HTML. Create a sitemap that tells people where everything is on your site, you will about 1% click through rate to your sitemap(stats). However it does wonders for those who know what sitemap do, and search engines like it.

#Focus on the User :
Don’t spend too much of time focussing on keyword, and search engine spiders, you may forget about the user. Think about what the target user needs and try to accomplish some goals, and put them on your site. Write about 300 words, and most importantly as in marketing ‘Customer is the King‘ so in blogging ‘Content is the King!‘.

#Build up your site’s popularity : 
If all the above procedures are followed then now your about 80percentile of websites listed for keywords you are trying to target. So, how do you get 1st,2nd,3rd in Google’s page listing eh? The answer is simple: You have to be most popular too. Try to think outsite the box, that is the most successful search engine optimization target the most relevant keywords. And keep in mind, Don’t ever never forget to focus on User.

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