5 SEO Tips For Blogging

While compelling content is the first step towards having a successful blog, you also need to make it easy for search engine spiders to crawl. The higher you rank in Google search queries for the key terms you are focusing on, the more likely you are to draw in the right kind of visitors to your blog. It’s pointless to spend all your time and effort writing or designing something valuable for online use if nobody is going to bump into your page. Here are a few tips to boost your SEO potential and drive relevant traffic to your site.

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Tip # 1: Content is Key

As a writer, your communication is somewhat limited. Unlike other forms of communication, what your write is what you get. One of the most common mistakes for writers to make is to not properly map out the purpose of what they are writing. It’s much like driving a car without a map. You must have a proper beginning, middle and end point in order to provide valuable content. While this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your posts, you should keep current events and popular topics in mind so that readers will actively be seeking out the content you are writing.

Also, write appropriate content which is relevant to that target audience, it helps if the web content addresses the readers and involves and engages them in the content. For maximum effect, when addressing your audience, make sure to use a personal but professional tone; ‘you’ has a bigger impact on the reader than ‘I’.

Tip #2: Consider the human element

Before you start rearranging words to maximize your SEO efforts, study the content to see whether it’s sensible and relevant to the reader; making sure to organize the structure and make it appealing to the audience. It’s fine to target one or two key words or phrases, but keyword stuffing no longer works and will make your writing unappealing to the reader which will only undermine your efforts. Always remember to writer for the reader first and search engines second. You can optimize but if the information in your page seems unstructured or it doesn’t make sense then you’ll lose out.

Tip #3: Relevant content

Make sure you tap into niche trends governing the search world and only include content which users have been searching for in the recent past; preferably in the last couple of months. Keyword Forensics can assist in the process. The trick for delivering great content is to provide relevant information that people are actively searching for. This holds true of any type of writing whether it be for sales, entertainment or other marketing efforts. This is also a great way to start the process of being included in Google news. This is one of the most powerful ways to get your content read and works well if you are covering trends and news topics in your industry. There are many technical and editorial requirements for inclusion but with some effort (and perhaps a few tries), the payoff is well worth it. You will also likely receive backlinks from other bloggers and news sources once your site builds credibility. These are all great ways to build your SEO ranking.

Tip #4: Call to action

At the end of your posts, ensure you give the reader a firm call to action. Readers may not always know what to do with good information without a call to action. In the blogging world, this should focus around the social sharing aspects of the web. Ask a question or welcome comments at the end of your post and also add popular social bookmarking widgets and Facebook and Twitter buttons so that it is simple for people to share your content. There has been much speculation about the weight that social media pulls when it comes to SEO. It seems the new Google +1 platform only reinforces the belief that search engines take into account the amount of social attention content receives.

Tip #5: Relate to the reader

You have got to make sure the reader benefits from your info or service, whatever you’re selling whether it be your wisdom or an actual product or service. This means finding a way in which you can build a rapport with the web visitor, where they feel comfortable enough to want to stay but also challenged enough to participate in whatever you are discussing.


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