50 Blog Commenting Tips i Learned in 2011

You can find some latest blog commenting tips and technique in this article.i start blogging as a student ! but now i am working as a professional . now blogging is my one of the daily task , really 2011 is changed my life style .

50 Blog Commenting Tips i Learned in 2011

Blog Commenting Tips 2011


Blog Commenting is dynamic way to increase search engine ranking, niche traffic.but the main problem is so many comments was rejected by administrators & blog editors.Below 50 Blog Commenting Tips was help you to Write acceptable blog comments .

Note For Readers :don’t rate this article with reading first 2-3 tips,rate this article after reading all 50 short tips.

Blog Commenting Tips :

  1. stop doing multiple  tasks
  2. fresh up your mind
  3. start reading article
  4. use  stumble upon to find articles
  5. read niche articles only
  6. read article carefully and learn knowledge from it
  7. leave it when you don’t have interest
  8. don’t write duplicate comments
  9. take a look on other comments
  10. try to reply to the other comments
  11. write your comment carefully
  12. share your opinion in your comment
  13. don’t write too small comment
  14. give complements to the author
  15. ask your question
  16. comment on do follow blogs
  17. don’t think no follow commenting is useless
  18. find the commentluv using blogs
  19. try to comment on high pr websites
  20. use anchor text
  21. don’t use keywords as anchor text
  22. use this anchor text for better result- yourname@yourkeyword
  23. comment on keywordluv using blogs
  24. use gravatar
  25. get your gravatar on gravatar.com
  26. don’t use your blog logo as gravatar
  27. use your smily face as gravatar
  28. comment on word press blogs
  29. use trackback /ping backs
  30. be the first one to comment on
  31. comment regularly
  32. know the advantage of “Top Commentator Widget
  33. use Browser plugins to find do follow blogs
  34. don’t write comments look like spam
  35. sing up for a free account on disqus .com
  36. subscribe for comments
  37. use special symbols  in comments
  38. use smiles in comments
  39. don’t write normal comments (Thank you,Niche Share)
  40. create some discussions
  41. create a dynamic blog list for regular commenting
  42. i prefer to regular commenting on do follow blogs
  43. comment on premium commentluv  blogs for better resul
  44. use dropmylink.com for find dofollow blogs
  45. use blog directories to find niche blogs
  46. find niche articles on social bookmarking sites (digg)
  47. get in touch with blog authors and owners
  48. be friendly with blog owners and authors
  49. be ready for blog commenting
  50. comment ! comment ! comment on ..

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13 Responses to “50 Blog Commenting Tips i Learned in 2011”

  1. Good commenting tips. I appreciate your exceptional posts friend.

    Michael Chibuzor signing off

  2. this and all top killer comments tips thanks

  3. like your #30 be the first one to comment on. Yes Its good to get noticed by everyone if your omment is the first one. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Very nice list of blog commenting tips Sai. You have a lot of comments on my blog and stay on my top commentator’s widget. Practicing what you preach. 🙂

  5. lovi says:

    Thanx bro for such a nice article.And happy new year.May god bless you site with lots of articles and comments 🙂

  6. Mohd Akbar says:

    Thanks for giving this great information and I agree we have to avoid duplicate comments.

  7. Pankaj says:

    the best one is – Create Conversations..

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