Final Part Of Brian D. Hawkins Blogging Interview [Part-2]

This is continuation part of Brian D. Hawkins Interview , If you want to know about Brian Hawkins and his personal life? check the part -1 Article Here .Really We Got Good Response For Brian D. Hawkins 1st Part Interview,So many expert bloggers also give good  compliments .its time for 2nd part and this is final part of Brian’s Interview .
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 Brian D. Hawkins Professional Answers

1. Google AdSense Vs. Affiliate Marketing – Which is best? Why?

Brian D. Hawkins Blogging Interview

Okay, I’m not an expert but I do have a little advice for bloggers. AdSense is great for a niche blog designed for AdSense and won’t be used as a traditional blog. By that I mean you’re just using a blog platform to build an AdSense site. Otherwise you are just giving Google your hard earned traffic for pocket change. With that said, Google has all but ripped the carpet out from low value AdSense sites and the profit potential is very small when relying on search traffic. From this, I am speaking from experience.
Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is great when used properly. I’m a huge fan of making money online but we can’t rush blindly into it and expect any success. I recommend new bloggers concentrate on building traffic and developing online respect before plastering ads all over their blog, especially banner ads.
With that said, working an affiliate link into a blog post when appropriate can be a smart move. Don’t forget your disclaimer and NEVER promote anything you wouldn’t personally use and trust. In fact, I make it a point to only promote products that I use myself and would recommend to my best friend. That is the best way to build that trust and respect I was talking about.
2. How did you gain success in this profession? 
Success is a relative word and I’m still striving to meet my goals. I will say that it’s important to build our blogs using honest tactics and avoid questionable shortcuts. Networking with other bloggers will speed up the process many fold. It sounds cliché but it really is better to work in the interest of your readers and online partners whenever you can.
Brian D. Hawkins
3. Which is the best method to make money with low traffic blog?
I know it’s not the answer anyone wants to hear but the best way is to increase the traffic first. I touched on it above but trying to advertise from a blog too soon can reduce any potential for or even prevent future profit.
Here’s how I look at it. It’s very important for new blog visitors to know exactly what your blog represents within seconds of clicking over. Whether you are selling homes, offering online scholarships or teaching yoga, that must be immediately apparent. If the first thing visitors see are banner ads and other distractions, your bounce rates are going to go through the roof and few people will give your site a second look.
4. How do you use social media effectively to drive traffic?
I recommend bloggers use social media to build trust and relationships. I know everyone seems to look for huge numbers and fast action but that’s unrealistic. When everyone follows everyone just for the sake of large numbers and there’s no interaction, things get as useless as the old Free For Alls (FFAs).
5. How do we use keyword research successfully? 
Keyword research is very important and it would be impossible to cover in an interview but it’s something that will be covered extensively on I will say that your content and message should come first. Write the blog post first and then try to work in the keywords. If the best keywords cannot be used without distorting the overall message, forget about the search engines for that post.
6. What motivates you in blogging?
This is an easy one; helping people. I love to see bloggers become better bloggers from something they have learned from my blog. That’s a great feeling and that helps me stay focused and always put the reader/subscriber first.
7. Which is the best niche to start blogging?
We just published a nice guest post, The Art Of Choosing A Niche For Your Blog , and the one consistent response I see in both the post and the comments is to go with your passion. I agree with that, it’s best to blog about what you know and love. That way, things will never get hard or boring and blogging will be an enjoyable part of your life. With that said, it’s also important to realize some niches are very saturated and competition can be very overwhelming. Off the top of my head I’d say niches like making money and weight loss. It’s best to research and investigate before jumping into any niche. Demand is another consideration. If your passion is so obscure that no one else is interested you might be blogging by yourself.
8. Your suggestions for new bloggers and our readers?
My advice; Build a great blog, deliver unique content, be of great value to your visitors, build feed subscribers, increase traffic, develop a mailing list, network with others, use social media and never give up on your dream.
9. Your feeling about this interview?
I feel great about the interview because I feel like we know each other Sai. I want to thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts on your blog and to meet your readers. I can’t wait to see the feedback and I’d like to thank your visitors for taking the time to read this. Thank you 🙂
finally Brian D. Hawkins Interview is completed successfully ,i learned a lot from Brian Hawkins i think you too.I’m saying hearty thanks for Brian D. Hawkins .
if you missed the brian hawkins personal life interview ? if you want to check some more photos and details of Brian ? so check below part-1 article
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Note : finally i completed my first Blogging interview ,so i got some little experience of  blogging interviews . i’m coming soon with another interesting blogging interview with Ms. Ileane From Basic Blog Tips . so stay tuned !

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