How To Find Keywordluv Using Dofollow Blogs In Your Niche

Keywordluv plugin is helps your to drop comments with your its very useful to increase your search traffic and visitors.

Find Keywordluv Using Dofollow Blogs

Keywordluv Using Dofollow Blogs

I have a solution for find keywordluv using dofollow blogs in your niche.its very easy to use.

Tutorial To Find Keywordluv Using Dofollow Blogs  :

Step 1 : log in to

Step 2: Type your keyword (type a keyword in your niche)

Step 3:Select Keywordluv Blogs option in Find column Drop Down Menu.

Step 4: now click on SEARCH button and enjoy your results.


Hope you will find good keywordluv using dofollow blogs with this tutorial.Subscribe To our feed for get more articles in your niche.Drop Your Valuable Comment Below 🙂

“Keywordluv using Dofollow Blogs Tutorial”

24 Responses to “How To Find Keywordluv Using Dofollow Blogs In Your Niche”

  1. Classifieds says:

    thanks a lot for these informations. really really helpfull.

  2. That’s pretty cool Sai, that’s the first time I’ve seen Drop My Link. Here’s another on for finding CommentLuv blogs:

  3. Sai admin, excellent information and I will definitely try it for getting some quick do follow links. Thanks for sharing.

  4. oled tv says:

    thanks for the site

  5. Jass says:

    Thanks for giving another reason to comment on do follow blogs as commenting increases read credibility plus giving link juice I am building my own list of do follow blogs with enhanced features like keywordLuv and commentLuv and this tool is cool to find more & more.

  6. Simora says:

    wow what a great search engine has discovered by You and most if it you have shared it with all of us Thanks buddy It will help me in many ways as newbie I am looking for good Do follow blogs and this search engine is good for me.

  7. Fabrizio says:

    Hey Sai, very nice tutorial and thank you for sharing this, it will come in very useful for for finding dofollow blogs. Keep up the great work 🙂

  8. Robin says:

    Thank you for tour nice shearing. I have learn enough to here. Hope We will get more…

  9. Seo Pakistan says:

    nice information about keyword

  10. Martin says:

    Great to know the way to find do-follow blogs with keywordluv enabled in it. Nice. thank you dude for hsaring such nice tips.

  11. Anybody know, whats tool to make our blog jumping fast?

  12. Ashok says:

    Good & useful post. But, when I tried that site, some of the sites found through the search results were not behaving as expected. For example, in place of dofollow blog, you may find a nofollow blog. Some sites will not even have a column for entering your website name. Nonetheless, it is a useful information.

  13. Sai admin says:

    Thanks For Your Comment 🙂

  14. Redcappi says:

    Do follow blogs have very much importance in link building.But to find do follow blogs is never an easy task.So I am many thankful to you because you made link builders work more easy.
    Thanks again

  15. Using this KeywordLuv plugin definitely keeps the “community spirit” so to speak. The web is all about sharing, a two way street.

    @Elbert – the best way to make your blog “jump fast” , is to create great content! 🙂

  16. Satmap Active 10 Review says:

    Sai, many thanks for making me aware of It is a great tool that I’d never heard of before.

    It looks like it could be much more effective than searching Google for relevant blogs.

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