How To Find/Research Most Popular Keywords

Keywords play popular role in search engine optimization.Popular keywords drive tons of traffic from Google every one is research for good and popular keywords.may be i think this article is helpful for keyword research.

Tips To Find Popular Keywords

how To Find Most Popular Keywords ?

Little About Keywords :

A part of successful search engine optimisation of web pages is working out what keywords your prospective visitors might type in to a search engine to find your site. Some are more competitive than others – try searching for ‘web design’ in Google, there are millions of results! For smaller, establishing web sites it is better to target less popular keywords and phrases to begin with and aim for success with those.

What Is Keyword Research :

As a website owner, one of the things that really holds you up from time to time is the matter of choosing keywords to use for your website. Quite honestly, keyword research isn’t all that difficult, but then I’ve been in this game for years and know a few tricks that make choosing keywords a breeze. finally keyword research means searching for the dynamic,low competition and popular keywords .

Tips To Find Popular Keywords

Tips To Find Popular  Keywords :

  • Looking at what keywords and phrases competitors are targeting.
  • Collecting a list of products and categories from your consumer.
  • Talking to internal stake holders in the business and gathering ideas such as copy writers.
  • Looking at the present website structure.
  • Using search engine auto suggest scrapers to find related keywords.
  • Acquiring ideas from Google Keyword Tool.
  • Using other keyword research tools such as Wordtracker.
  • Choose the high searches with low competition keyword.

Boost relevance using Google Insights for Search

One helpful site I use to search for relevant keyword phrases to use in my blog posts is Google Insights for Search.

At the top of the page, you enter the single keyword or keyword phrase that you’d like to write a post about. You can choose options including a geographical area of the world you want to focus on, or which timeframe you are interested in, and then hit Search.


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  1. Phanindra says:

    This is good one , Sai 🙂

  2. Its a nice post dude……M applying this tips to my blog… well for me…thanks

  3. Jass says:

    This is a Good advice for newbies but on the starting of our blogging career if we run after keywords we can destroy our online empire but using them in smart way we can rip the online world of blogging easily.

  4. Seo Pakistan says:

    very nice informatin thank you

  5. Google keyword tool is best to provide you insight and daily volume, cpc etc., however you will need to ensure that it is easy to rank. Very good information and thanks for the post.

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