How To Increase Your Blog’s Page Rank

So you want to start a company blog. Great! Now how do you get people to actually read it? With a winning combination of quality content and a few simple search engine optimization techniques, you’ll be driving traffic to your blog and company’s website in no time. And those readers may soon become buyers.

Here’s a basic introduction to increasing your company blog’s traffic and search engine optimization.

Include Search Terms in Your Title
When Google crawlers index a website, they read the code, not the fancy presentation that humans see. With the title as one of the first things crawlers read, placing keywords in the title will help boost your SEO. Just keep in mind that your title should still be easily understood by human readers and your keywords are phrases that your target audience would be searching.

Link Keywords within the Post
Search engines generally assume that a blog post that has been linked has more authority than one that hasn’t. They also take into consideration the keyword that has been linked. So an easy way to increase your search engine rank is to link your keywords to other pages or blog posts within your website. This will help boost your SEO and allow readers to gain more information about your products or services if they know exactly where to go. However, avoid over-doing it. People don’t enjoy reading pages filled with links and search engines may penalize you for trying to cheat the system.

Add Tags
Tags help categorize blog posts so it’s easier for human readers to find related posts, but they are also recognized by Google bots. The tags usually link to other related posts, which will help your page ranking since it’ll be another chance to link a keyword to relative information. Again, try not to go overboard as search engines will penalize you again. A good rule of thumb is to keep it between 5 and 10 tags.

Check This For Metatags:

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These tips should help you get on your way to an SEO-friendly company blog.

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  1. Great tips!!
    Will try to include them in my future posts. 🙂

  2. pradeep f says:

    thanks for the tips on increasing PR…my blog has PR1 now,I hope it increases! !

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