What Was The Meaning Of Nofollow

There are different links that can help boost your website’s performance such as the “do not follow links” and the “no follow links.” If you want to bring your website to the top of the page rank views with quality keywords, top quality backlinks, or nofollow links are still the best way to go.

The no follow link simply means that search engines are not giving enough weight to that link. This kind of link was invented for the purpose of cutting down the use of spam links. It is advisable then that you understand no follow links in order for you to build your own website strategy while at the same time benefiting from it.

what was the meaning of nofollow

A no follow link is referred to the sign “rel=nofollow”. This code signals the search engine not to follow the link. Google launched this website feature for the purpose of controlling the way link building was used as a tool in increasing search engine rankings. You may think that the no follow link will decrease your website views, which might not actually be beneficial for you. This is not the case. No follow links actually can help.


One of the attributes of this link is that not all search engines acknowledge it because the term was only an invention of Google. There are actually several search engines that do not follow the nofollow guidelines when constructing the algorithm for their search engines. What most people also do not know is that traffic can actually drop by your website even if you have this kind of link. This happens when another link from your site is included in a high-ranking website or when you comment on some other person’s blog or post, which happens to be popular, and then visitors can see that particular link. In this case, a no follow link is just as good as a follow link.


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